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Ms Covello's work experience includes:
  •   Founder and CEO of LPC Consulting International;
  • Concurrently Consultant to Intellectual Assets Inc., a US-based international professional advisory services firm specializing integrated business, R & D, and IP processes;
  • Concurrently Consultant to IPMetrics Inc; a US-based consultancy specializing in the valuation and monetization of intellectual property;
  • Concurrently Counsel to Ross Mongeon Covello & Co., a Canadian-based law firm focusing on business and intellectual property law and strategy. The lawyers of the firm have extensive tactical experience in advising clients in various new economy fields, domestically and internationally;
  • Former Executive Vice-President, Special Projects, TAEUS International Corporation, an international IP consultancy;
  •  Former Vice President, General Counsel, Labopharm, Inc., a multinational biopharmaceutical company specializing in drug delivery technologies;
  • Founding partner of Margolis Covello LLP, a business law firm with an international practice specializing in technology transactions and international business law;
  •  Founder and President of Sienna International, Inc., a consultancy specializing in international business issues;
  • 20+ years practicing commercial intellectual property law.

Ms. Covello graduated with B.A. (Hons.) in International Relations from the University of Toronto, and an LL.B. and LL.M. from Osgoode Hall Law School at York University.  She is a Member of Ontario Bar.  She speaks French, Spanish and Italian.

Ms. Covello has held various roles with Licensing Executives Society (LES) (USA & Canada) and LES International (LESI), including Canada Regional Vice President,(USA & Canada), and is current Chair of the LESI Standard Licensing Agreements Committee.

She is an instructor and speaker on various legal and business topics at conferences in North America and Europe.  She is an annual guest-lecturer at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in Toronto. 

See Recommendations and profile for Ms. Covello at www.linkedin.com/in/LyndaCovello. Some examples: 

“I have known Lynda for many years, originally introduced through the LES USA & Canada network, and can say that she is an absolutely wonderful person with an incredibly sharp mind for business. I have negotiated complex licensing agreements with her from opposite sides of the corporate fence and also collaborated on intellectual property management projects where she served as part of an advisory team to me. In all cases, her technical knowledge and business acumen shines, her professionalism is impeccable and her flawless ability to balance principles versus pragmatism enables her to achieve rapid and sound business results. She is a pleasure to work with and someone I consider lucky to have in my trusted business network.” March 14, 2010

-Mark Nawacki, Vice President Business and Corporate Development, Paladin Labs

“Lynda is a very creative and openminded expert in Licensing. She has a large business network and knows how to solve problems” March 11, 2010

-Frederic Caillaud, Director of Licensing and Business Development, L'Oréal

“I worked with Lynda over an 8 year period. Apart from being very skilled and knowledgeable as a Lawyer, she was also able to be practical helping us to find solutions to impasses whether in negotiations or contracts. She was flexible while protecting the company and saw the contracts and negotiations as a tool to help us do business.” March 3, 2010

-Sybil Robertson, Global Head of Medial Affairs, PVG and Medical Information, Labopharm

“It has been very pleasant to work with Lynda . she was our legal VP within Labopharm and, as we were in the process of signing contract with partners , I have worked with Lynda very closely. She was very professional with a high sense of urgency . She also very well understood the marketing aspects of my job and very open to any discussion. Working with her was really easy .” March 2, 2010

-Ariel Mouttet, International Marketing Director, Labopharm

“Lynda and I worked together at TAEUS International Corporation creating value for clients with their intellectual property (IP). Lynda is a well known, well respected, and well connected professional within the IP sector. A firm foundation in IP law practice enables her to bring creative solutions to clients facing challenges to improve the financial performance of their portfolio. I highly recommend Lynda to executives who need effective, ethical and timely consulting from an expert with integrity.” March 1, 2010

-Larry Gess, Vice President, Sales, TAEUS International Corporation

“Lynda is a very good strategist with IP patents.” March 1, 2010

-Dwight Olson, CLP, President, V3 Data

“While always considering the big picture and evaluating risk to the organisation, Lynda is a very detailed oriented person. She is quite versatile at finding good solutions to situations. Always looking calm, she is a very good communicator and very considerate of people she interacts with. I very much appreciated working with Lynda on the different projects we interacted on.” March 1, 2010

-Luc Lesage, Associate Director, Project Mgmt, Labopharm Inc.

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